Think. Experiment. Develop.

Make a difference.


They say technology is making modifications, using tools and machines in order to solve a problem or to find an efficient way of doing a job. TEDxJECollege redefines technology by blending technology with proper thinking. Technology is also an idea that has not been invented yet and to pursue that idea, thinking is the first step, we will have to step on.


Art, music, dance; anything being evolved and involved in giving delight to people is termed as Entertainment. We at TEDxJECollege think, for an art form, to be transformed from being ordinary to extraordinary, experimenting is the pixie dust.


Design is a roadmap or strategic approach for someone to achieve an unique expectation. But, Ideas being carried in air and design being carved, can only be realised with the tool of development and that's what our vision is in TEDxJECollege, Development is necessary to make ideas a reality.

Why TEDxJECollege?

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